Daft Punk Girl: A simple recipe for success

June 30th, 2007

This video combines two things that go well together…Daft Punk and a cute girl. The video is a pretty clever example of a cool technique where you slow the actual audio down and shoot the video, then speed both audio and video up to match the original speed of the song. It can result in some pretty fun looking dance moves as evidenced here. It helps if you have an obviously fun model to perform the moves of course.

Daft Punk Girl-

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God Damn Macy Gray is Smokin’

June 29th, 2007

There’s really nothing original or remarkable about this song, it’s just a perfectly crafted pop song delivered by a super sexy woman with one of the best voices in pop music. Sometimes that’s all it takes right? It’s 110Ëš and this is the perfect brain dead fun summer song to help you pass the night away.

Macy Gray: When I See You

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Lil Boosie Wipe Me Down: Pro Wipe?

June 28th, 2007

Do you like sexy ladies…big watches, and wiping? Here is a video that probably contains most of what is entirely wrong with hiphop music. I believe in the “chorus” Mr. Boosie is repeating that he is “pro wipe”. I could be wrong…My question would be who is “anti wipe”? No one wants a dirty pooper right? Oh wait! Maybe he is referring to the Asians and their use of them wacky toilets that wash you out with a water jet! OK mark me down as “pro wipe” as well, I just don’t think we need to sing about it. Don’t get me wrong it is probably pretty cool to be a tough guy gangster with loads of cash, bodacious jiggle mamas, and clean underpants… Wipe on Lil Boosie, wipe on, I know you’re possibly thinking I missed the real point of the song. I didn’t…really.

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Five great 2 Tone Ska Revival Songs from the 70s-80’s

June 26th, 2007

The Ska revival of the 80’s in England was somewhat lost in the shadows of Punk Rock to which was related yet separate. 2 Tone Ska, a faster rehashing of the original Jamaican movement, appealed originally to the working class skinheads and mods of the day. The music typically included a horn section and helped somewhat to provide a bit of a race bridge during a tense racial period in England. It was a mixed group of people with The Specials leading the political charge (2 Tone was the name of their DIY label which was adopted as moniker by the movement) while groups like Madness and Bad Manners were more orientated towards simple fun and energy. The English Beat seemed to climb highest on the success ladder with a succession of MTV hits. There was an American follow up movement which didn’t have the same moxy unfortunately.

The Specials- A Message to you Rudy

Madness- One Step Beyond

The English Beat- Mirror in the Bathroom

Bad Manners- Lip Up Fatty

The Selecter- Three Minute Hero

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Queen Flash Gordon: Blast from the Past

June 25th, 2007

Damn…I remember seeing Queen on this Flash Gordon tour in what seems like another lifetime ago. I think Billy Squier was the opening act (remember that guy? Stroke Me Stroke Me). Queen was probably around the height of their popularity at this time, and no other band could really pull this off in all seriousness as well as they did. I vaguely remember some kind of large spaceship on stage that opened with much smoke and fanfare. Here is a pretty good video of Queen preforming the theme song.

Queen- Flash Gordon

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Five high energy bands who put out for you

June 22nd, 2007

There is a big difference between live performance and recorded performance, and many bands seem to thrive in either one or the other…sometimes it all comes together. Here are five bands which will give you all they have to give in a live setting. These bands were chosen, because they are currently working bands, and these are shows you want to see if you are looking to blow off some energy, and be entertained.

Melt Banana

The old pros of the Japanese band Melt Banana are perhaps as high energy as it gets. Their blend of art punk noise is simply mind blowing, and they pull no punches with their live show. It is always a mosh pit friendly experience, and watching guitar snake charmer Ichirou Agata work his sonic assault is amazing, as Yasuko Onuki races through her bizarre lyrics at breakneck speed.

Melt Banana- performing “Free the Bee”

Melt Banana- Official Site

Man Man

Man Man are all man, 100% sweating testosterone man jumping around banging pots and pans, sporting their white outfits and manly mustaches, they are totally fun and you should catch them while they are still on the rise to an inevitable manly stardom.

Man Man- performing “Push The Eagle’s Stomach”

Man Man- Official Site


Miss Peaches understands everything about live performance, and she brings it when it needs to be brought. She commands the center of attention, and handles the stage like the pro that she is. In addition she always has hilarious stage costumes and props to add fun to the teachings of Peaches. Time to get educated.

Peaches- performing Shake Ur Dix

Peaches- Official Site

Riverboat Gamblers

These guys are not the most original act on the list, however they put it all on the line every time they play. Full on great punk rock with all the energy and apparently vomiting (see video) you’d expect from such an event. Singer Mike Weibe is a live wire, bouncing all over the stage and more oft than not off into the crowd. This band seems to be eternally touring, and it’s a wonder they are not much bigger already. Don’t miss them live.

Riverboat Gamblers- performing On Again Off Again

Riverboat Gamblers- Official Site

Trans Am

It’s all about drummer Sebastian Thompson “a.k.a. Seb” (seriously it says that on wikipedia). He’s usually shirtless for the ladies, and has been sporting a large gold chain more recently…for the bling? They rock hard and fast live, and “Seb” is always a big ham on the drums…as well as being a phenomenal drummer of course. The other two Trans Amers are also great to watch…it’s just really hard to imagine competing with “Seb”.

Trans Am- Live Medley

Trans Am- Official Site

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Buckethead – Spokes for the Wheel of Torment

June 20th, 2007

It’s difficult to totally pigeonhole Buckethead, experimental metal wankery? He’s had a lengthy career with many collaborations, some quite bizarre, most notably his brief stint in one of the latest Axl “I’ve finally disappeared forever” Rose versions of Guns and Roses. He creates maniacally bizarre music based around his over the top guitar chops, and of course wears a KFC chicken bucket over his head to add mystery to it all. Here is a new video with some cool animated artwork based on Heironymous Bosch paintings. It’s quite graphic and fun.

Buckethead – Spokes for the Wheel of Torment

Here he is with the Bill Laswell vehicle Praxis, which also features the eternally heroic Bootsy Collins.

Praxis – Animal Behavior

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Discovering Electronic Music: Groovy

June 19th, 2007

This is an educational series from 1983 on electronic music. I’ll agree with the poster of said video who states much of these videos seem much more 60s-70s. However there is really great footage and they are worth a viewing for that alone (and the power geek hairstyles of course).

Discovering Electronic Music Part 1

Discovering Electronic Music Part 2

Discovering Electronic Music Part 3

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Worst Music Video Ever?

June 19th, 2007

Whenever someone uses “worst Music Video” in the title to describe a video it’s usually a clear sign that it’s going to be really good…right? I usually know I will enjoy it. Check out this Finnish (another sign of impending greatness) video from the 80’s for “I wanna Love You Tender” by Armi and Danny, and see if you agree.

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Top 10 working bands in rock and alternative

June 15th, 2007

So I have been lacking on my posts over here at EB. Chalk it up to actually having some paying freelance work, and a musical gig looming on the close horizon to prepare for. Here is an idea that maybe can start some discourse. I will attempt to list IN MY OPINION what I feel are the top 10 working bands currently. I will earmark this by stating these are predominately alternative rock type bands, because my experience is more rooted in this genre…My opinion is only that, and is validated by 20 years of playing this type of music in bands, some good, some not so good, as well as listening and reading, and going to shows…take it for what it is, and feel free to speak up and offer your suggestions as well. I am trying to narrow it down to bands that are currently working, and that i feel are at their peak or producing the best of their best stuff, FULL albums of material all worth listening to. These are in no particular order.

LCD Soundsystem: Both full length albums released by this band are exceptional, full of innovation, as well as showing a good amount of homage to many of the great pop electronic masters of the past 30 years. James Murphy has that rare gift of being able to deliver often questionable lyrics in a heartfelt manner which if sung by any one else might come off as simply silly. The music is often simple, and yet sometimes thickly layered with harmonies and many riffs playing off each other, which gives me the ability to discover new things in it upon repeated listenings.

Deerhoof: I’ve been a huge fan ever since the Milkman album. They have recently reduced their size to a trio, and honestly I think the last album showed a new sense of maturity. The songs still contain the same happy chaos, but overall they seem more listenable. The real magic of Deerhoof is the sheer creativity and freedom in vocal melody, and song structure, combined with some kickass drumming, that is not afraid to fly off the tracks occasionally.

Peaches: I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again Peaches IS Rock and Roll. She’s 100% attitude, she’s raunchy on a consistent basis, completely unafraid to offend. Combine this with an ear to the streets of NYC and the ability to rock the fuck out of a simple electronic riff…I’m not willing to Impeach her Bush, I’d rather make her President. President Peaches, has a nice ring to it…no?

Sufjan Stevens: Can anyone combine lyric and song like this guy currently? He plays numerous instruments, banjo seemingly being his preference, and he is on a mission to write and album for each state in the good old USA…Two done so far, and each one has been a masterpiece.

Wolfmother: I’m only hesitant to add these guys because they have only released one album so far and it’s been a LONG time between that one and new one. That being said, the first album was so damn good they make the list. It was nothing original, it just seemed like a breath of fresh air, good solid Black Sabbath worshipping rock from the land of ACDC. Let’s go guys, bring us some more!

MIA: She’s super sexy, she’s a bomb that is set to repeat explode, she has hip hop chops that put any punk ass gangster wannabees to shame. She’s MIA and I can’t get enough of her. Mixing ethic beats and political lyrics without coming off corny is no easy feat, and miss thing here does it with ease. The energy in her music is hard to match, it’s simply fierce.

Mastodon: Brutal aggressive music is always welcome in my collection, and these guys are no strangers. They have three albums under their belt and the latest one Blood Mountain is their first major release, and this has not hampered their intention to keep on cranking out amazing, skull crushing metal. They are definitely the evolution from the great power thrash and speed metal bands from the 80s, and they have avoided pretty much all the crappy things that plague modern metal.

Decemberists: I wasn’t totally enthralled with their last release, but it was entirely listenable so they still make the cut. Colin Meany’s lyrics are simply incredible, and he is obviously a guy who favors books over TV in a good way (each medium has it’s own merits, no reason to snark on tv). The band is chock full of incredible musicians all of whom lend a helping hand to the overall folksy pirate sounds of the Decemberists vast catalog.

Devendra Banhart: He’s not for everyone, is he crazy? derivative and annoying? a smelly hippie? Well all of this maybe true, but he has grown on me as a quirky songwriter who pushes the boundaries of folk and weirdness with a required amount of honesty and dedication. He has inspired and collected like minded folks such as Joanna Newsom into another revival of weird folk music that, while not entirely original contains some very talented worthwhile people.

Andrew Bird
: He’s a true ladies man, an alternative rock swooner who continues to stump the dictionaries of this world with his use of obscure words, and lyrical references. He also happens to have some mighty admirable chops on the violin, and when paired with the looping smart drums/keyboards of Martin Dosh, the result is some immensely enjoyable thickly layered art/pop.

a few other random ones didn’t quite make the cut:
Arcade Fire: extremely popular i like them ok.
Blonde Redhead: New record coming out soon.
Of Montreal: Good clever stuff
Will Oldham: He really should be on the list I just don’t have time
Spoon: Pretty much everyone loves these guys right?

These are some of the great artists that help me make it through long hours of work, as well as helping me to enjoy this vehicle as i drive on down the road. Please post your list, and provide links so we can all discover new untapped resources!

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