We were lucky to get one of the Rontoms Sunday night gigs recently. These are free shows in a really intimate setting, in a cool club. If you are bored on a Sunday night you should get out and support these gigs, they are great for bands, and they provide a nice format to see some excellent music. If you are trying to locate Rontoms…they go the extra mile for you not to find them, no sign on the building, and their website is black text on a black background…the text is there you just have to select it with your mouse to see it, i guess they are making some kind of statement, you know, like the Spinal Tap black album. Colt Vista also crossed a small milestone as a band, in being able to write a (kickass) song from scratch as a unit, most of our previous material was written by the dynamic Bowen/Bukstein duo and just polished up a bit as a band. So here it is, the first live performance of Air Condition.

Colt Vista- Air Condition from Eric on Vimeo.