Lana Rebel- Blue

May 22nd, 2009

Last Sunday we played a show with The Obits (former Drive like Jehu) over at the Doug Fir. The DF is one of the nicer clubs here in Portland, and I can safely say it has the best sound I’ve experienced in a club hands down. That said it is not our usual preferred venue, as we blend in more naturally in a smokey dive bar (Kenton Club is probably my favorite local indie music venue to play with Lana). It was a bit of a weird show, and a new experience for the band as a whole…having stage monitors, lots of room to actually turn around and adjust your amp if necessary! Not that any of us are rookies, or unfamiliar with playing these venues, it’s just that we have not done it as this particular band much. All in all it was a fun show, people seemed to enjoy seeing a seasoned authentic country band, and by the end I think even a few of those steadfast arms crossed hipsters uncrossed their arms and clapped a bit. Here is a video of the show I edited together with some footage from a gig we played at The East End last year. The song is called Blue, and it is a pretty slow burner that sort of reminds me of the theme to some David Lynch scene.

Lana Rebel- Blue from Eric on Vimeo.

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Young Widows- Old Skin

May 16th, 2009

The Young Widows release “Old Wounds” was one of my favorite records last year. Nothing revolutionary about it, just good heavy post punk rock. Here is their official video for the song Old Skin which is a short one, but a good one. The video itself is your typical live performance video and while iy’s not the most creative it gives you a good idea of the energy of the band live.

Old Skin – Young Widows from J.J. Johnstone on Vimeo.

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