Well where to begin…I’d never been to Estacada, it’s a small town southeast of Portland. A quick look online at The Legendary Safari Club website confirmed it would probably be worth the drive down to see our good buds The Bad Assetts charm the locals with their pure country goodness. Seriously, those guys all have the requisite chops, great songwriting and are well seasoned vets here in the Portland scene. We arrived at the start of their second set and it was obvious things were not going well when an inebriated damsel pushed violently past us on her way out proclaiming this was the “worst country band EVER”. Upon entering we walked past a row of scowling patrons over to the stage area where we saw some friendlier faces. The BA’s ripped through their second set which had a few of us who made the long drive out and dancing. I heard later there was much disappointment among the Estacadians *NOT ALL ESTACADIANS ONLY THE ONES AT THE SAFARI CLUB THIS PARTICULAR EVENING* at this band for “playing their own songs”…apparently that kind of thing is unheard of, and now the Assetts are banned from The Safari Club. Ah well, the club itself is a damn interesting place founded by some sick fuck game hunter slightly misguided individual who felt it would be cool to share his love for the sport of killing animals with large weapons. Honestly if you’re looking for a fair fight and want to prove yourself in the wild against animals I am not totally against you…hell if you want to hunt a bear armed with a pocket knife I might even tune in to watch that reality tv show (not really I’m just posturing). So, that was a long time ago and the bar has changed hands a number of times, it’s been restored nicely and if you can put aside your general disgust for big game hunting it is really kind of impressive to see. If you are going to play there be sure to brush up on your Godsmack covers, maybe if a few more good original bands play there the locals will warm up to the concept that original music played by people who care can be fun. Here are a few shots from the club.

*EDIT Cindy from the Safari Club responded with a list of bands who played original music at The Safari Club (see comments)…so to the Bad Assetts, sorry guys I guess Estacada (THE REGULARS THAT HANG OUT AT THE SAFARI CLUB) just hate you in particular. I still love ya though.”

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