What is Water in the Ditch you say? Well it is a somewhat magical thing that happens every year in Idaho…I’m not going to tell you where, because you’re not invited…if you are invited, well then, you fucking know where it is and you’re special. The Ditch is a small shindig of a music festival that usually lasts a few days in the summer, and features 8 or 9 bands or however many Ditchmaster Damon decides are worthy. It’s family and friends, there are children everywhere, and this year was the first year of the Ditch Olympics…yes, someone took home an award for cornhole.

So anyways I got to the Ditch a day late so this is a somewhat lame review…but that’s your problem, I’ve got 99 problems and the Ditch ain’t one. After the 6.5 hour drive we were pretty excited to roll out of the car and see some smiling faces bearing magical chocolates (and less excited to see JT’s dong already taking up residence inside my tent).

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