We love you Bellingham!

July 24th, 2012

Audios Amigos is just back from Bellingham and here is a quick update on the debauchery…it’s always off the hook up there. Friday night we played The Sunset in Seattle with our buddies from the north Sugar Sugar Sugar and a couple other bands. It was a forgettable evening for us, a bunch of people standing around with their arms crossed etc. One guy told us we’d never headline Seattle without a “singer”, whatever, we’ll crack that nut eventually.  *NOTE* We did have a really great show at Cafe Racer in Seattle a few months ago, and I’d recommend that place to anyone. Onward to Bellingham…

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Audios Amigos “The Reacharound EP” Streaming here!

July 7th, 2012

The Audios Amigos CD release party is coming up July 14th, and the band is streaming the cd in it’s entirety here on Etherbomb! This is the long play full album all 6 tunes (with bonus record noise and special “1970’s style” mastering to make you feel all nostalgic). This format will be included on the cd as a bonus track along with the single versions of the songs. Enjoy.

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The Reacharound EP (see cover image below for song order and titles)


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Def Leppard Re-records Old Songs to Outsmart Greedy Record Label!

July 7th, 2012

Man this is just too awesome. The record label Universal Music Group refuses to pay them their due on royalties from digital downloads of their back catalog, but cannot use the recordings of the songs without their consent (my basic understanding of the situation). So Def Leppard responds by refusing to allow UMG to sell downloads of the existing catalog and re-records all of the songs…so they can receive due payment. I don’t much care for De Leppard so I am not going to listen to the “forgeries”, however they claim they took great pains to make them sound as much like the originals as possible. Well played. The important lesson of course being maintain control of your songwriting credits at all costs! More info- Billboard.com

For your listening pleasure here is a rad 8bit version of Rock of Ages.

[audiotube id="1PX9K-fOMho"]


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Audios Amigos CD Release! July 14th The Kenton Club

July 1st, 2012

Portland’s Audios Amigos is a band made up of grizzled DIY music veterans that clearly bucks many of the trends of modern music. A four piece instrumental muscle car that jumps between genres like surf, country, funk and oddball movie soundtracks, the Amigos make it all look effortless. They started turning heads about a year or so ago here in Portland and caused music seeking bar patrons to actually remove hands from pockets and commence to dancing. The new 6 song ep simply entitled “The Reacharound” after their most popular soul tinged original number, was recorded in two bouts with Bellingham’s (a favorite road destination for the band) Patrick Gay at Sleng Teng studios. Artwork was then contracted from Chris Cilla a rising star in the Portland underground comics scene, and this brings us to this fine event! Audios Amigos will share the stage to celebrate this wonderful documant at The World Famous Kenton Club with one of their favorite group of comrades Don and the Quixotes. Making the trip down from Seattle to round out this undoubtably sweaty and odorous evening is legendary roots/swing/weird DJ, tattoo/pinstripe artist Hubba Hubba.

Here is a video for “Giardino Delle Delizie” shot and edited by Wetcoastproductions.


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