Recently caught them at a horrible all ages show, crammed into a club full of kids busy smoking and text messaging each other. Album Leaf were good enough to hold the attention of said crowd, most of whom i am sure had no idea who Album Leaf is…For the record, Album Leaf is comprised of the solo works of Jimmy Lavelle (Tristenza, and Black Heart Procession). He has a few newer albums out, but this remains our favorite here, recorded at the Mosfellsbaer studio of Sigur Ros. You will no doubt note similarities in sound to Sigur and Jon Thor Birgisson lends his distinctive vocal stylings to the mix. Also check out this short 10 minute video which documents the creation of “Into the Blue Again

Album Leaf: In a Safe Place

MP3 Sample: [audio:] : Download “Over the Pond”

SubPop: “In a Safe Place