Slim’s is a dive bar, and I mean that in the best possible way. It has character, and is usually filled with characters…and well they are St. Johns characters, which adds another layer to the overall funkiness. The stage is simply too narrow for a normal rock band to fit on in any sort of traditional drummer in the back set up. You arrange yourself in a row, and the “frontman” if you have one wil be playing out on the floor.

This was a rock show, and American Friction had the honor of initiating the crowd to the volume for the evening. Loud. There was plenty of dancing during the set and enthusiastic hoots from the gallery of Slim’s regulars. PRND is an interesting spacey rock band from Bellingham who employ a casio keyboard for their rhythm instead of a drummer…meaning they all actually fit on the stage. Their mere existence is testament to the bizarre and creative scene that exists in the secluded northern tip of of Washington. The night ended with a crushing performance from BisonBison (good video of  their performance here) who are definitely the new local heros of St. Johns. The crowd was fired up by then, and exploded into a bouncing ball of sweaty, smelly fun, the perfect end to an energetic evening.

American Friction-