Here are a few of the great posts from around the audio Blogosphere this week-

Mashup- 90+ Essential Music Websites (I’m sure not listing Etherbomb was a simple oversight). These kind of big lists are sometimes a tad overwhelming, I prefer when they take some time to find the best of something and then write a solid review…However if you have some time to kill there is some great stuff here.

Create Digital Music- Awesomeness of Daft Punk A great post from CDM covering the goings on in the Daft Punk world of modern helmets and excellent dance music. (thnx for the return link!).

Posts about the “Live Earth” Concert/Obscenity

I know I am a cynical bastard, but this whole Live Earth thing just seems flat out insulting. I glanced at it as I was channel surfing and witnessed (with horror mind you), Phil Collins? Lenny Kravitz? and numerous other corpses I hoped never to see again…I mean when I think “environment” I sure think Lenny Kravitz and the Recording Industry…The only surprising thing here really is it took this long for them jump on board the “Global Warming” profit train to organize this monstrosity…oh wait it’s the Recording Industry.

Boing Boing- Live Earth music industry benefits… Big surprise here…

Templar Knight- Live Earth, Dead Naive or Just Stupid This guy sums it up rather well.

Daily Kos- Live Earth: The Posession Charge (Stupid Media Tricks), the Pledge and the Music Some point of view from the left, including an interesting note on the arrest of Al Gore’s son, and how specifically it was reported…Even they acknowledge the music sucks.

We close with this incredibly lame video from Madonna…The “Official Live Earth Video”. How fucking appropriate…Do you think she fancies herself a prophet or a poet?