The men of Califone (the name comes from old cassette recorders check out this video of some old Califones in action) have been pretty busy. Their most recent release “Roots and Crowns” has been in heavy rotation for a few months now. It is perhaps a legitimate follower to Wilco’s Yankee Hotel Foxtrot for the crown of best americana. Roots and Crowns is filled with understated singing, thoughtful lyrics,  and raw natural acoustic noise. The CD title is best explained here by the author.

“Uniting where you come from – your roots — with what you strive to be or what you reinvent yourself to become — crowns,” explains Califone’s Tim Rutili. “At the bottom of these songs are the memories and images you sift through in the process.”

Califone: Roots and Crowns

Check out Califone’s cover of Psychic TV’s “Orchids”

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Itunes : Roots and Crowns

Youtube: Video for “Hand