With a name like Cop Shoot Cop it’s no surprise you are most associated with being an addict (band members claimed it was a hatred of cops)…The band which formed in 1987 however was quite a monster when it was firing on all cylinders. I saw them play live only once in Tucson AZ, but it was a hell of a show that left an impression. At the time there were two bass players and the drummer stood inside a cage of drums and pieces of metal, which he turned into an industrial barrage. I think this song Interference from their Interscope release was about as close as they ever came to a real mainstream breakthrough (or maybe 10 dollar bill, but i think this song’s better). It has a pretty badass bass line, and you can certainly hear stuff that would have influence on perhaps Trent Reznor or other people who borrowed from “industrial” music! See also Lubricated Goat which was a later splinter group.