I spent 20 years in the desert of Tucson Arizona. When I first moved there in 1987 it was a really exciting little music scene filled with a mixture of the local thriving punk scene, art kids from the college, and various ship-wrecked castaways like myself. There was an actual music scene…or a number of them even. Bands supporting each other, people supporting bands, house parties every weekend – all weekend. Yes, it actually was, in retrospect, really great and a lot of good music happened. Quite a bit of this music was actually archived thanks to the mighty cassette tape and the 4-track recorder. One of the great collectors (and of course guitarist in numerous bands at the time) Jason Willis has started digitalizing the cassette demos from that warm and fuzzy era. These demo tapes really capture the raw music and ingenuity of the Tucson music scene and should give you a good taste of what I’m talking about.

Demo Ape!