The Ska revival of the 80’s in England was somewhat lost in the shadows of Punk Rock to which was related yet separate. 2 Tone Ska, a faster rehashing of the original Jamaican movement, appealed originally to the working class skinheads and mods of the day. The music typically included a horn section and helped somewhat to provide a bit of a race bridge during a tense racial period in England. It was a mixed group of people with The Specials leading the political charge (2 Tone was the name of their DIY label which was adopted as moniker by the movement) while groups like Madness and Bad Manners were more orientated towards simple fun and energy. The English Beat seemed to climb highest on the success ladder with a succession of MTV hits. There was an American follow up movement which didn’t have the same moxy unfortunately.

The Specials- A Message to you Rudy

Madness- One Step Beyond

The English Beat- Mirror in the Bathroom

Bad Manners- Lip Up Fatty

The Selecter- Three Minute Hero