There is a big difference between live performance and recorded performance, and many bands seem to thrive in either one or the other…sometimes it all comes together. Here are five bands which will give you all they have to give in a live setting. These bands were chosen, because they are currently working bands, and these are shows you want to see if you are looking to blow off some energy, and be entertained.

Melt Banana

The old pros of the Japanese band Melt Banana are perhaps as high energy as it gets. Their blend of art punk noise is simply mind blowing, and they pull no punches with their live show. It is always a mosh pit friendly experience, and watching guitar snake charmer Ichirou Agata work his sonic assault is amazing, as Yasuko Onuki races through her bizarre lyrics at breakneck speed.

Melt Banana- performing “Free the Bee”

Melt Banana- Official Site

Man Man

Man Man are all man, 100% sweating testosterone man jumping around banging pots and pans, sporting their white outfits and manly mustaches, they are totally fun and you should catch them while they are still on the rise to an inevitable manly stardom.

Man Man- performing “Push The Eagle’s Stomach”

Man Man- Official Site


Miss Peaches understands everything about live performance, and she brings it when it needs to be brought. She commands the center of attention, and handles the stage like the pro that she is. In addition she always has hilarious stage costumes and props to add fun to the teachings of Peaches. Time to get educated.

Peaches- performing Shake Ur Dix

Peaches- Official Site

Riverboat Gamblers

These guys are not the most original act on the list, however they put it all on the line every time they play. Full on great punk rock with all the energy and apparently vomiting (see video) you’d expect from such an event. Singer Mike Weibe is a live wire, bouncing all over the stage and more oft than not off into the crowd. This band seems to be eternally touring, and it’s a wonder they are not much bigger already. Don’t miss them live.

Riverboat Gamblers- performing On Again Off Again

Riverboat Gamblers- Official Site

Trans Am

It’s all about drummer Sebastian Thompson “a.k.a. Seb” (seriously it says that on wikipedia). He’s usually shirtless for the ladies, and has been sporting a large gold chain more recently…for the bling? They rock hard and fast live, and “Seb” is always a big ham on the drums…as well as being a phenomenal drummer of course. The other two Trans Amers are also great to watch…it’s just really hard to imagine competing with “Seb”.

Trans Am- Live Medley

Trans Am- Official Site