I have to admit I gave up buying John Zorn and Mike Patton’s experimental music a few years ago…I mean c’mon it’s cool and all, but I just felt burned one too many times on a $30 cd filled with screams and gurgles. When these people actually get it together to play some music as a combo I find them simply awesome, and after checking out a few of these Litany pieces I’ll probably rescind my Zorn/Patton ban temporarily and purchase this one…don’t get cocky though fellas I have a long memory and a very limited pocketbook. I find it hard to resist the combo of Trevor Dunn on bass and Joey Baron on drums…a real rhythm section monster if there ever was one. Here is the line up-

Trevor Dunn – bass,
Joey Baron – drums,
Mike Patton – vocals,
John Zorn – sax,
Ikue Mori – electronics,
Jamie Saft – organ,
Cluver Fischer Sollek – chorus
“Six Litanies For Heliogabalus” Tzadik 2007,
short movie by Man Ray (Le Retour a la raison – 1923)