I sort of lost touch with some of the extreme Japanese post punk stuff after the early 90’s. I had all the early Shimmy Disk releases of Boredoms, Ruins etc., and continue to love Melt Banana of course. It was great to discover this later project of Yoshida Tatsuya who was the drums half of probably one of the most bad ass duos of all time (Ruins). Koenji Hyakkei is a larger scale band project which incorporates singers and many other instruments, but continues to mine a lot of the same veins as Tatsuya’s other projects. This song was set nicely to an old experimental short “Ghosts Before Breakfast” from Hans Richter, and it really works nicely.

Audio Sample- Doi Doi [audio:http://www.skingraftrecords.com/mp3/LP_MP3/KOENJIHYAKKEI_DoiDoi.mp3]
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