Do you like sexy ladies…big watches, and wiping? Here is a video that probably contains most of what is entirely wrong with hiphop music. I believe in the “chorus” Mr. Boosie is repeating that he is “pro wipe”. I could be wrong…My question would be who is “anti wipe”? No one wants a dirty pooper right? Oh wait! Maybe he is referring to the Asians and their use of them wacky toilets that wash you out with a water jet! OK mark me down as “pro wipe” as well, I just don’t think we need to sing about it. Don’t get me wrong it is probably pretty cool to be a tough guy gangster with loads of cash, bodacious jiggle mamas, and clean underpants… Wipe on Lil Boosie, wipe on, I know you’re possibly thinking I missed the real point of the song. I didn’t…really.