It’s been a while since I’ve posted any updates on my personal music projects. We’ve been working on a new band with Lana Rebel called the Love Lasers. The spark for this project came about when Lana needed a stand-in band for a Laurelthirst gig because some of the Broken Promises were out of town. We enlisted the drum talent of Andy Bacon (long time Portland drummer who has played with just about everyone). We were just going to do a three piece, but then in walked the one and only Dan Lowenger who just happened to have his gear in the trunk of his car…you’re hired Lowenger! We had fun that night and Lana and Dan thought it would be fun to put together a more uptempo band as a side project. Well, a year later we are still rolling, picking up speed with 2nd and 4th Monday gigs at the Kenton Club. We play a list of old timey classic country, rockabilly and odd instrumentals. here is a link to a sort of website I set up with a current list of songs and upcoming gigs. We also have an offcial Facebook page with some video clips.