So I’ve added a section “Portland Bands” to list some of the great bands I’ve been seeing here since moving. Portland has a number of different thriving music scenes currently, as well as lots of great places to see bands. 4th of July we (Lana Rebel and the Broken Promises) played a really fun house party (Mary’s Annual 4th Party) There were a number of other great bands on the bill, but the one that made the biggest impression on me was Lord Master. When they were setting up it was hard to tell what to expect…a double stack of vintage National amps! Well to keep it short I’ll just say that they play a mixed bag of smart ironic rock fused with some really great metal guitar riffs, topped off with fun snarky lyrics ( a metal song about a bodybuilder etc). All in all really great stuff. Other highlights were the Birds of War, fronted by a couple of Portland veterans James Curley and Dylan Reilly whom I knew from way back in the days of punk rock in Tucson AZ. The Birds ripped through an admirable set of vintage punk rock which would appeal to fans of Black Flag or The Minutemen…the real stuff. Dylan was pleased to report his dad has finally realized that he is indeed an excellent bass player after seeing the performance. In between these bands were Thee Headliners…who are just too damn good. They had the drunken revelers all torqued up into a sweaty frenzy that culminated oddly enough into a sweaty shirtless man jam…I snapped a camera phone picture of this display featuring none other than apple of our gal Lana’s eye Kevin Mayfield banging his tambourine and singing along during a Creedence cover of Proud Mary.

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