The country previously known as Burma has been in the news quite a bit recently what with all the Monks being rounded up and killed. The band who so poignantly, or accidentally ended up with the name of this troubled region in their name have also been keeping pretty busy in the last few years. The back story of course is they were one of the most admired punk bands of the late 70’s early 80’s who broke up seemingly right as their momentum was reaching sound barrier velocity. Their reunion was one of those things that defied expectations, spawning new music that sounds as if they simply picked up right where they left off, with even more raw energy. Check out this video for the excellent song “Dirt” as well as a trailer for the documentary film which captures the whole reunion, of this often overlooked extremely influential band. Remarkably, Roger Miller (guitarist) had recently posted on Craigslist seeking guitar students to help pay the bills in downtime between his band projects. The post is no longer available…but you can read about it on Pitchfork. Needless to say if the opportunity arises for you to take a guitar lesson from Roger Miller…DO SO.

Mission of Burma- Official Website