Many moons ago there was a band in Tucson Arizona named appropriately Barely Bi-Pedal. The band was a loose conglomeration of musicians which revolved around Tucson misfits James Jordan and John Mount. During it’s heyday in the late 80’s and early 90’s I was involved in the project, playing bass, recording the band on 4 track, and adding lo-fi experimental noise effects. It was a great free time, and I remember it fondly. The band was completely free of any restrictive structure, and everyone could write songs or do whatever they wanted basically. The result was a string of really interesting cassette only releases that are pretty much the stuff of legend, and have inspired some rather fanatical devotion. The music was somewhat country/folksy, with a somewhat drug assisted psychedelia. So many great musicians were in that band it’s hard to remember them all, but at it’s core it always seemed somewhat like the Velvet Underground with Nancy Pontious cast in the role of Nico.
Fast forward 20 some odd years and Nancy has been busy with her own musical endeaver titled Project Bluebird. Nancy has waged her own personal war and peace with various illnesses, and the drugs that go along with that a large part of her life, but she continues to churn out her own unique art and music. She works with many different musicians (many of them named Eric), and in homage to the old sound of Barely Bi-Pedal, imperfect and low-fi, I added a bunch of loose instrumentation to this lovely spacey song of hers entitled “I Am”. Check out Project Bluebird and some of the other people Nancy makes music with.

Project Bluebird-I Am

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