This will be a really great show…if you like guitars and people who have invested time playing them. I spent 20 years in the suny desert of Tucson Arizona, and Sun City Girls were one of my favorite bands from the area…you never knew what they were going to do, one time throwing firecrackers at the audience for 45 minutes, the next time ripping through all the tracks from Torch of the Mystics with seemingly flawless precision. I was happy to learn, Richard now lives here in Portland, and since we’d seen him lurkng about at a few of our gigs we decided to ask him to do a show with us (Audios Amigos). Rounding out the bill is the amazing Ben von Wildenhaus. Full Press release after the jump.


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Eric Baldoni
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Sir Richard Bishop, Audios Amigos, Ben Von Wildehaus live at Mississippi Studios

Jan 11th, 2013 (Portland, Oregon) — This ominous night of guitar worship promises two experimental guitar masters and one band laying waste to classic instrumental favorites, obsurities, oddities, and originals. This will be Sir Richard’s first stateside date since returning from a successful European tour opening for The Swans.

Mississippi Studios
8:00 Doors, 9:00 Show
Mostly Standing / Seated Balcony
$10.00 Advance / $12.00 Day of show
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Mississippi Studios
3939 N. Mississippi, Portland OR 97227

About The Bands:

Sir Richard Bishop-
Richard Bishop is an experimental guitarist whose improvisations and compositions often reflect the shadow worlds of India, the Middle East, North Africa, and other points along the Gypsy trail.

Richard is a founding member (along with brother Alan Bishop) of legendary ethnic-improv pioneers and underground tricksters Sun City Girls, (1981-2007) who produced an extensive discography of over 50 full length albums, 20 one-hour cassettes, and a dozen 7” records. In the early 1980s he was also a member of the group Paris 1942 which included Alan Bishop, J. Akkari and former Velvet Underground drummer Moe Tucker.

Richard released his first solo record in 1998 on John Fahey’s Revenant label.

“In order for guitar music to have value, it must remain new and on the move. There shall be no safe or sacred ground. To take risks and to challenge one’s self and one’s listeners, is the only way to maintain any worth.” – Richard Bishop

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Sir Richard Bishop

Drag City – Sir Richard Bishop


Audios Amigos-
When Portland country singer Miss Lana Rebel (Last of the Juanitas/Juanita Family) left town for the dry desert sea of Tucson AZ in 2011, the members of hotshot country band The Love Lasers found themselves with some extra time to burn. With nothing more than the concept of creating the hottest guitar hotrod in Portland and beyond, they decided to draft swamp garage guitar beast Jeremy Terry (of PDX roots rock band Thee Headliners) into the lineup and started compiling a wide range of instrumental covers and originals spanning surf, country, funk, latin and beyond. Audios Amigos was born and the band has since dedicated themselves to creating furious energetic live shows designed to visually entertain, and lure even the stiffest attendees to…spasm involuntarily with dance.

More Info -  Audios Amigos
Contact Eric Baldoni (Audios Amigos) 503-701-5830

Here is a recent review to back that up-
“Audios Amigos is what a spaghetti western might sound like if Ennio Morricone used a stompbox. The Portland instrumental quartet is faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, and able to bulldoze through surf, country and rock at immortal volumes. And the term supergroup isn’t completely off base, as these amigos include members of Thee Headliners, Don’t, and American Friction. I saw their first show, and I must say I’ve never witnessed a crowd come to life like I did that night—the dance floor filled up, alcohol sales tripled, and I am almost certain half a dozen babies were conceived. Do with that what you will.”


Ben von Wildenhaus-
Benjamin von Wildenhaus. Name sounds like a turn-of-the-century Prussian duke or peddler of curios, snakeoil and ersatz jewelry. Maybe not such a bad set of images to start by thinking about, rather than all his influences or whatever. Ben Wildenhaus is a guitar player, pianist and all-‘round musical dude, on par with modern guys like Alan Bishop and older ones like Sandy Bull. All three were drawn to the vast space, windblown grit and non-Western twang of desert guitar/oud music. None went the tacky world [sic] music route, Allah etc. be praised. All three instead took gracefully and intuitively to the music’s deeper structure—hazy or unmarked beginnings and endings, subtle dynamic rise and ebb, and unhurried play—and adapted it into their own idiom. They’ve given us ambitious wandering soundscapes, suitable for salt trading by caravan, qat chewing in humid cafés, and walking to work with your headphones on.

Wildenhaus’s background includes some formal training and tours, beers and bands beyond number (notably, the blown-out fuzz of 2000s Northwest giants Federation X, or the country and western Quaalude County Country Band and Juanita Family and Friends). More recently, he has lent hands to established non-indie rock groups and artists like Bar Tabac, Two Dark Birds and Ozan Aksoy’s CUNY Middle Eastern Music Ensemble, and has also released a series of home recordings via his Instrumental Quaalude podcast, which is one the best damn things on the Internet.

—Josh Vanek, Wäntage USA, July 2011

More Info –  Ben von Wildenhaus