Somehow through a series of possibly questionable decisions I ended up in the isolated yet creative city of Tucson in the late 80’s. Although they were not from Tucson (they hailed out of Phoenix at the time) Sun City Girls played our clubs quite often and were certainly one of my all time favorite live acts. They were masters of their instruments, although this was just as easily abandoned for live performance. On occasion they would dress up in asian or middle eastern themed costumes and berate the audience with words or sometimes even firecrackers. Other times they would simply show up and play an amazing set of their special blend of middle eastern music, punk rock, conspiracy theory etc etc. I was sad to learn that drummer Charles Gocher passed away last year after a long battle with cancer. He was an incredible drummer and an honest musician who never compromised anything for his art. Sir Richard Bishop continues to perform a solo act on guitar, and here is a nice little performance of a classic SCG song Esoterica of Abyssinia from “Torch of the Mystics”. Recorded in Rochester, NY in 2005, as well as a quick little video of Charlie gone wild on the drums.

Sir Richard Bishop

Charles Gocher Drum Solo (sadly truncated mid solo, but you get the idea…he was great)

Update- One More great video for Eggshell Minds thnx to Ketogah

Sun City Girls- Official Website
Sir Richard Bishop- Official Website