The Portland Sessions is having a Kickstarter to help them grow and continue their inspired project of documenting bands in unique Portland spaces…check out the press release (Read full post link below) for all the details and then proceed to give them some money. (Here is the link 8 days to go as of this posting).

The Portland Sessions is proud to announce the launch of their first Kickstarter campaign running through August 1st, 2012. The goal of this campaign is to raise a minimum of $2,500 in order to expand the vision of the Portland Sessions and produce at least 6 more episodes through the end of 2012. These funds will enable them to secure and expand on the types of locations sessions are filmed in, help with location rental costs, as well as purchase/rent additional microphones and other audio/video equipment in order to accommodate larger musical ensembles.  Anything above and beyond their initial set goal will go directly into furthering the scope of this project. Clint Snow and Erik Schultz, creators of The Portland Sessions, are available for interviews to talk more about their Kickstarter campaign and the sessions.

The Portland Sessions is an on-going audio/video series that specializes in documenting intimate performances by bands and musicians in unique spaces throughout Portland, Oregon. They choose local, national and international bands that excite them and match them with spaces that are integral to Portland’s visual and cultural landscape, with the goal of capturing the unplanned and unanticipated effect a space has on a performance. Utilizing their collective audio/video experience, they strive to capture and present these special performances in the highest digital forms possible at no cost to the viewer. The Portland Sessions was created in September of 2011. With artists, videographers and audio engineers donating their time and resources they have been fortunate enough to produce 15 sessions and counting, including sessions with:

  • Joe Henry & Lisa Hannigan
  • Al James of Dolorean
  • Benjamin Francis Leftwich
  • Churches
  • Lindi Ortega
  • An Horse
  • Robert Ellis
  • Elliot Brood
  • Barna Howard
  • Josh and Mer
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Over the Rhine
  • Rubik
  • Nahko
  • Revolver