The future is now! there is a good debate raging over at CDM about who will release the next great digital hardware music-making interface. Two of the major contenders (combining audio with some visual flair via fancy light up buttons) are Yamaha and the Monome project. The major differences being Monome runs open sound control (OSC) which is open source software…and customizable, if you possess the brain power. Tenori-On is being released by Yamaha and will run good old Midi…easier right out of the box, but far less customizable. That being said it will be interesting to see how this plays out this year as both of these exciting interfaces will now be available (Monome has been for a while and has a head start). My guess and trust me it’s just a guess, is that software and touch screens will eventually make both of these obsolete. More detailed specs for the Tenori-On can be found here at Future Music

You Tube: Tenori-On

You Tube: Monome