Yawn…so after 5 days of driving, drinking, swimming, and playing music, I have returned from the great little city of Missoula Montana. It is about a nine hour drive from Portland and we got in too late to catch much of the first night of shows. I will try to list just a few of the bands I did get to catch over the three days of festivities. There were so many I am sure I missed a few really good ones. We would like of course to thank our kind hosts Josh and Nicky for letting us sleep in their Totalfest campground, they are really great people and Wantage records has really helped create a great little music scene there. The music was mostly metal, punk and rock, which made it even more fun for us, as we were the only country band. This is partly due of course to Lana’s previous career as bassist for Last of the Juanitas, and her continued relationship with Wantage (they just released her new album). Here are the bands I saw and enjoyed.
The Narrows: Official Site
They play a mixture of post rock and metal…slow churned riff which will suddenly explode into a bowel shattering earthquake of metallic sludge. Great stuff. They are a Bellingham band relocated to Olympia Washington, and singer Justin told us they are trying to find a good venue to help build the scene there.
The Lights: Myspace site
I only caught about half of their set, but it was great, a mixture of old minimal pop/punk rock. Reminded me a bit of The Fall.
Pierced Arrows: Official Site
Pierced Arrows play rock n’ roll the way it should be played. It’s not perfect, it’s not polished, but it’s honest and it will knock your socks off. Pierced Arrows rose from the ashes of the great band Dead Moon, and are one of the best rock bands I’ve seen in a while…they are out on tour now so check them out.
Titan: Myspace
Titan was an amazing metal band that lean into psychedelic territories. The band replaces the formulaic second guitar with a Juno synth which adds a lot of different texture to their massive…loud sound.
Federation X: Official Site
The festival culminated with a reunion of sorts for the Bellingham band Federation X. I had heard of these guys before, but never seen them live. They are a three piece, and guitarist Ben Wilderhaus who currently lives in NYC actually sat in with us (Lana Rebel) on Lapsteel, as the mighty JT had another gig with his Headliners. Fed X stumbled a bit at the beginning with technical difficulties, but I’m pretty sure only they noticed as the crowd was far too busy moshing around and throwing beer at them. As the set progressed they gained momentum, and it really was a fitting end to a great little festival.

Be sure to check out Wantage records, they have really solidified a great little northwest scene, and as somewhat an outsider/newcomer it was fun to be a prt of it all.
Here are a few picts of our little adventure along the way, I hope you were there and had as much fun as we did!