It sure is funny to see a gaffe this big amplified tenfold on a monstrous professional tour…Van Halen of course have finally, after what can only be described as a never ending ego retard soap opera, sort of re-united with David Lee Roth back at the helm as front buffoon. There is no denying he once was a great showman and now seems to have lost most of his reality faculties, HOWEVER it isn’t old Diamond Dave who is wreaking havoc on this crappy song (Van Halen has some kick ass tunes, this is not one of them, just because it won the popularity contest)…Apparently, uh VERY apparently, the synths are about a half step out of tune from Eddie’s guitar…just close your eyes sit back take a deep breathe and listen…It’s pure magic, and you have to give him props for not bothering to try and fix it, he just plows on through it like a trooper.