Audios Amigos is just back from Bellingham and here is a quick update on the debauchery…it’s always off the hook up there. Friday night we played The Sunset in Seattle with our buddies from the north Sugar Sugar Sugar and a couple other bands. It was a forgettable evening for us, a bunch of people standing around with their arms crossed etc. One guy told us we’d never headline Seattle without a “singer”, whatever, we’ll crack that nut eventually.  *NOTE* We did have a really great show at Cafe Racer in Seattle a few months ago, and I’d recommend that place to anyone. Onward to Bellingham…

We always have a great time in Bellingham, it’s one of those places that is just small enough to have a unified scene, and the people up there are absolutely insane and beautiful. They love to party, and they love live music. Last time we were up there we played at a secret little place called Randy’s Roadhouse…it’s legendary and if you know about it you know what I’m talking about. This time we were booked with the Sugars at the Green Frog with the additional bonus of The Dirty Bird Cabaret. TDBC is a troupe of dancers who have danced with many touring bands over the years so we were pretty excited when they offered to work out routines for two of our songs. We had a surprise opening act, a touring fella named Clay Hawkins who warmed up the crowd with some solo guitar and slide work. The Green Frog has been revamped and now has a nice stage and sound system so we were pretty excited, there was some concern as the room seemed kind of cold and boomy (lots of concrete not much wood). We played our full set and the Dirty Birds were simply amazing. They joined us three songs in and really took our set to a new level visually speaking, they energized the whole room.

Sugar Sugar Sugar is probably my favorite rock band right now, they are firing all cylinders…and it is a mystery why they are not signed to a major label. They pull a good crowd and they really deliver a high energy honest butt shaking rock and roll show. They don’t do anything groundbreakingly original, they just rock magnificent with the perfect balance of sex and dirt, and that is a thing of beauty. Drummer Lupe Flores is a cymbal destroying spastic blur of woman powered testosterone, laying down a solid groove for the T-Rex/Morrison tinged vocals of Andy Piper. Oh yeah, add to that some perfectly timed blasts of guitar god shredding mayhem…and you have rock and roll perfection. They kill every time, and we are happy to play BEFORE them.

We’re off for a bit, be back August 17th with Sugar Sugar Sugar down here in Portland at The Foggy Notion…you don’t want to miss that.

Audios Amigos
Sugar Sugar Sugar
The Dirty Bird Cabaret


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